We look for manuscripts of high quality and are always interested in original new ideas.
  • Please DO NOT send us poetry, plays, screenplay and short stories. Our client publishers are presently not accepting these.
  • We are presently not handling children's literature. However the YA genre is open for submissions.
  • Regional language translations will be considered only if the work is first accepted in English by the agency.
  • An agent will connect with you if your manuscript is found suitable to our present scope of work.
  • Please allow us thirty days for the evaluation of your proposal.
  • Please allow us sixty days (additional) for evaluation of your manuscript - when the complete manuscript is requested by an agent.
  • Please DO NOT send us any manuscripts or files with artworks / designs / page make-up styling / page borders etc.
  • If you do not hear from us within 30 days of the auto reply, please consider the work as not accepted.
  • The Red Ink Literary Agency does not charge a reading fee.
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