Making Sense of Chindia
Indian memories of China have been shaped by the events of 1962. Forty-two years on, it is time to leave the past behind and begin afresh. Relations between India and China have improved rapidly since Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s visit to China in 1989. Since then, ties between the two countries have been cemented at many levels. Jairam Ramesh addresses both the security concerns that continue to mediate the otherwise rapidly improving Sino-Indian relationship and brings to the fore issues that may still pose a problem in the future. The author’s intent is to specifically focus on the long-term scenario that may emerge between India and China as their economies develop, complement and compete with each other. He has focused on the role of America in the region, how Western scholars perceive the Sino-Indian relationship and China’s changing relationship with Pakistan, amongst other issues. He has also analysed the importance of high-level delegations and Prime-Ministerial visits to each country. He delves into the enormously rich relationship that the two countries shared through Buddhism in the ancient period. Based on the author’s extensive reading on the subject, he presents a good overview of the geopolitics of the region and provides for new ways of looking at old problems. Ultimately, the author agrees with Deng Xiaoping when he says, “intractable issues should be kept aside and progress should be made on other fronts”. For India and China, this intractable issue is the long-pending border dispute. And here, as the author points out, trust and pragmatism is the key to move forward. Finally, he emphasises how there is no substitute for a peaceful and negotiated settlement of all pending disputes between the two countries.
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Jairam Ramesh
Jairam Ramesh (born 9 April 1954) is an Indian economist and politician belonging to Indian National Congress. He is a Member of Parliament representing Andhra Pradesh state in the Rajya Sabha since J