Where the Hills Hide their Secrets
The horrific murder of a poor local woman sets the sleepy town of Nalanoor ablaze. When his alcoholic gardener, Sam, is implicated in the murder, Vishnu moves to defend him. But he is up against an age-old Indian caste system, constructed to work against anyone deemed of lower birth. In another household, newlywed Mridula struggles to cope with the high-society world she has been married into. Plain looking and unlettered, she quietly endures the horrors of uncovering her husband’s infidelity. Heartbroken and depressed, all Mani wants to do is get some sleep before his next shift at the hospital. But his neighbour’s singing keeps him awake and Mani’s attempt to retaliate backfires. To add to the complication, he is unwittingly embroiled with a local mob boss and is unable to shake off this affiliation. As Vishnu delves deeper into the case, disturbing revelations spring up at him, forcing him to question the stability of the life he has so carefully built for himself. Mridula’s journey from a meek, submissive girl into a woman consumed by revenge takes her to the most chilling conclusion. And Mani discovers himself anew as he struggles to get out of the predicaments that embroil him. In the quiet hill-station where scandals are traditionally allowed to slip under the surface, investigations around the victim’s dealings threaten to unravel years of secrets, sure to leave a profound mark on each one of them.
Format :
Size :
1.4 cms X 12.5 cms X 19 cms
Pages :
INR 299
Pub Date :
May 2019