India & the Arms Trade Treaty
"Armed violence kills more than 350,000 people a year, and severely injures more than a million. In India, 12 people are shot dead everyday because of unregulated arms. Yet the global trade that fuels the epidemic of armed violence is not subject to international regulation. If the death, injury and disability resulting from unregulated arms were categorised as a disease, we would view it as an epidemic. The arms industry is unlike any other. It operates without regulation. There are more regulation in music and film industry than in arms. The movement of arms across the world is a huge threat to human security. Around 8 million new small arms are manufactured every year, but far more significant is the movement of second-hand guns from one user to another. They last - and remain lethal - for decades. At present, it is impossible to monitor or interrupt this deadly flow of weapons. This is because there are no agreed global standards for governments when authorising exports or transfers. On 6 December 2006, work on an international Arms Trade Treaty began immediately following a historic vote in the UN General Assembly, which saw 153 governments supporting the proposed Arms Trade Treaty. The United Nations General Assembly vote comes just three years after the launch of the Control Arms campaign, which has seen over a million people in 170 countries calling for a Treaty. The book for the first time makes an attempt to bring together research on the issue. It collates research done on the subject for over five years by eminent scholars and civil society. Analysis done on the issue shows how an Arms Trade Treaty can indeed benefit India. The book argues that India as an emerging global power has global responsibilities. We cannot live in isolation as today's world is an interlinked one. An Arms Trade Treaty can save lives and help prevent many attacks like Mumbai and hold countries responsible whose arms caused the death of thousands worldwide. "
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Binalakshmi Nepram
Ms Binalakshmi Nepram, born in the state of Manipur located in India's Northeast region state, bordering Myanmar/Burma. She is a writer-activist and is an emerging determined face and strong voice in