I believe, there is no story that has not been written, but the love with which it is narrated makes all the difference. A story ‘well told’ is what I am looking for. Graduated from Delhi University with a BA in Commerce, I joined the legendry Bahrisons Booksellers. After having worked there for 20 years under the tutorship of Balraj Bahri, I founded a small publishing division called Tara- India Research Press in 2002. Thirty three years later, with experience as a Bookseller, Publisher and Literary Agent - I head the group of BAHRI.
If you have a great, well-written tale to share, I’m the one for you. I read everything: thrillers, fantasy, YA, historical fiction, classics and narrative non-fiction. Some favourites include Leon Uris, Conn Iggulden, Rick Riordan, Terry Prachet, Lee Child, Gabriel Marquez, Bill Bryson and Richard Dawkins. I’ve been a journalist for 12 years and then an Editor for 7. I currently spend my time reading and editing manuscripts, looking for the elusive gem that can become the next phenomenon like Amish. My motto - tell it simply, tell it well
Head of Editorial
Born into a family of booksellers, I hold the written word close and am drawn to manuscripts that provide a sense of culture and feel of the land. I focus on developing mostly high quality literary and historical fiction, with a keen interest in women’s writing, diasporic literature and satire. I hold a MFA in Visual Art and my seminal research has been on material memory of the Partition of the Indian subcontinent, through the preservation of oral histories, intangible memories and objects.
Editor, Fiction & Non-Fiction