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India Research Press
This non-fiction imprint largely caters to books that encourage critical thinking and constructive action on key political, cultural, social, economic and ecological issues shaping life in the Indian Sub-continent and the world. Under the imprint we publish Original works as well as works under rights with various University and Academic publishers throughout the world.
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Tara Press
This imprint largely caters to literary works, historical fiction, bold and edgy writing which is not just a social commentary, but also a kaleidoscope of emotions. The tapestry of Tara books is rich and replete with imagery which is a treat for the senses, enhancing reading pleasure.
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4Hour Press
The concept behind this imprint is that it should not take you more than your daily commute from work and back to finish the book. Thrillers, romance, suspense, fantasy and chick litt broadly fall into this category of books that are perfect for passing the time. a light read to entertain and engage for four hours.