As a general progression in the book trade, Anuj Bahri, born into the family of Bahrisons Booksellers, New Delhi, began India Research Press [IRP] in 2002. A primarily academic press, IRP’s goal was to publish books that encouraged critical thinking and constructive action on key political, cultural, social, economic and ecological issues shaping life in the Indian Sub-continent and in the world. It published both original works as well as works in collaboration with various university and academic presses throughout the world.

In 2004, the house branched out into a trade imprint for fiction called TARA . The first manuscript in this new endeavor was a piece of debut writing previously rejected by several publishers worldwide. A manuscript ahead of its time and one TARA truly believed in, The Chamber of Perfumes by Inderjit Badhwar. It was later published in French by Éditions du Cherche-midi and went on to win the prestigious Le Prix Litteraire in France in 2004.

Gradually, TARA-India Research Press began to gain a wider readership, adding on more trade titles to its academic list. All the while, the focus was to continue working with debut writers with fresh voices and an openness for the exchange of new ideas.

With the attention span of readers to literary writing diminishing, there arose a need for a commercial list within the trade imprint. Hence, in 2014, 4 Hours was added. It consisted of quick reads which one could finish within 4 hours- thrillers, crime, romance.

Today, TARA-India Research Press is a collectively run book publisher with the support of authors and editors. Our core principles remain the same; good debut writing across genres (fiction and non-fiction), which is thrilling and engaging.