Gurpratap Khairah
Gurpartap Khairah attributes his writing skills to the G’s in his life: Gulzar and Graham Greene! He has been imagining stories from his childhood. Just as there are bathroom singers, Gurpartap was a bathroom writer! Imagining faces in the cracks in the walls, he would conjure characters and stories, and weave them through with dialogue. He has authored more than sixty short stories, apart from Unveiling. When he writes, it is to trace the human factor in different situations, displaying interest not only in the outcome of an event but also in showing how it came to be. He believes a writer should be politically incorrect and while writing makes every effort to say the worst in the best possible manner. Gurpartap teaches literature in Hindu college, Amritsar. He loves his job because it keeps him in constant touch with the youth and the current ‘modern’ lingo. The very nature of his profession demands that he give time to his passions (he does not believe in hobbies but passions!) i.e. reading and writing. He is currently working on his Ph. D. on Graham Greene. He is married and lives in Amritsar with his family.